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Why digital nomads can be a headache for employers

Irina Polyakova

The easing of overseas travel restrictions is posing an unexpected headache for employers, who need to be on the look-out for potential digital nomads in their home-working workforce.

The opportunity to be wholly mobile and work from anywhere, when an internet connection is the only tether to the workplace,... Read More


25 Years of the of Business of the Year Award…and the Winner is…

Deborah Melluish

Business of the Year celebrates the hard work, determination, and innovation of businesses in the region and this year is a particularly special year as we celebrate 25 years of the Business of the Year Award.

The standard of entries was incredibly high with businesses demonstrating impressive core values,... Read More


Understanding whether the force may be with you

Philip Clarke

‘May the force be with you’ is usually the concern of Jedi knights heading to battle in Star Wars, rather than something that company directors look for. But for those companies looking to claim that the coronavirus pandemic has given rise to circumstances beyond their control in delivering on contracts, it is a... Read More


Companies must be on track for Covid-safe workplace

Irina Polyakova

Companies anticipating a return to the workplace in June, if the Government’s route map stays on track, should be planning how to protect workers and customers once the country is released from the current Covid-related restrictions.

Although the Government may decide that it is safe to relax regulations... Read More


How unspent income from lockdown could cut future tax bills

Jo Jones

Internet shopping may have boomed during lockdown, but many people have spent less than usual while forced to stay home, and those with spare money have an opportunity to make the most of inheritance tax reliefs on gifts to family and friends if they act swiftly.

Giving away assets while you are alive can... Read More


Devil in the detail for residential landlords

Jane Gregory

Residential landlords are under pressure to keep on top of a raft of new legislation and guidelines this year, including many protections for tenants extended by the government during the pandemic.

They include a continuing hold on evictions, the new debt moratorium scheme, and changes to validating the right... Read More


Should you buy or rent a commercial property?

James  Burgess

If you are looking to move your business, there is an important decision to be made around whether you should buy or rent premises. There are several factors you should consider and making the right decision can be challenging. In this article, we look at the pros and cons of each to give you an idea of what you may... Read More


Power of Attorney & protecting the rights of people with dementia

Rachael Wilkinson

Dementia Action Week runs 17th - 23rd May 2021 and is a national event that sees the public coming together to take action to improve the lives of people affected by dementia.

When a person receives a dementia diagnosis, this doesn’t automatically mean they cannot make important decisions. However, as their... Read More


Flexible Working: Your Questions Answered

Lewis Holroyd

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, the way we work and live has been forever changed. Many people have enjoyed the flexibility of working from home, including avoiding a commute, saving on parking costs, setting their own hours and being able to see and take care of their children more.

Employers can... Read More


Employment law update April 2021

Irina Polyakova

New rates for the national living wage and national minimum wage

The government accepted in full the Low Pay Commission's proposed increases to the national living wage and national minimum wage rates, which came into effect on 1 April 2021.

The new rates are:


Five tips for businesses dealing with unpaid invoices

Jane Gregory

Carrying the weight of unpaid invoices can make doing business challenging. The coronavirus pandemic has caused financial difficulties for many and could be making the problem of late payments worse for both small businesses, the self-employed and freelancers.

The Forum of Private Business indicates that 1 in... Read More


Working from home - the big debate

Irina Polyakova

1. Should we let employees work from home?

  • Advice on working from home has changed several times since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The current position in England is that employees should work from home where they can. Employers should take "every possible step" to facilitate their employees... Read More