We will robustly defend any claim against your business and advise you on the risks

...with you every step of the way!

Employment Tribunal Claims

If you receive a claim in the Employment Tribunals, we can help you to defend that claim. We will meet with you to discuss the prospects of the claim succeeding and the likely costs of the claim (including legal fees and awards of compensation). We will robustly defend any claim against your business and advise you on the risks and tactical options at each stage of the claim.

Settlement Agreements/ Compromise Agreements

We can advise on termination packages and prepare a compromise agreement that protects your business from claims in the Employment Tribunals and help with the negotiation of the terms of the compromise agreement with your employee or former employee.


We can prepare new contracts of employment or update your existing contracts of employment to ensure that they are legally compliant. We can also deal with director's service agreements, consultancy agreements, apprentice agreements, secondment agreements and contracts for casual or temporary workers – including zero hours contracts and fixed term contracts.

Restrictive Covenants/ Anti-Competitive Behaviour

We can draft restrictive covenants for your senior employees that give you the best chance of protection for your business. If you know or suspect that a former employee has breached their restrictive covenants, we can advise on the steps you can take to enforce those restrictive covenants. If you have started or would like to start legal proceedings in relation to restrictive covenants, our Dispute Resolution Department can help you.


We can write new policies and procedures for you or audit the rules and procedures that you already have in place. Recommended policies and procedures include disciplinary procedure, grievance procedure, IT and social media policy and equal opportunities policy (covering discrimination, bullying and harassment).

Family Matters

We can advise you on the current entitlements to statutory maternity leave and pay, statutory paternity leave and pay, and statutory adoption leave and pay. We can keep you up to date on changes in the law. If you receive a flexible working request we can advise you on the procedure you should follow and make sure you have the right letters and documents to use.


If you receive a complaint from a member of staff (for example a complaint about their hours of work or an allegation of discrimination by a co-worker), we can advise you on the procedure you should follow and make sure you have the right letters and documents to use.

Disciplinary Procedures, Dismissal and Performance Management
If you need to discipline or dismiss an employee because of their behaviour (e.g. bad attitude, insubordination, poor performance, gross misconduct) we can advise you on the procedure you should follow and what level of warning or sanction may be appropriate. We can make sure you have the right letters and documents to use and guide you through the process to achieve the outcome that you need with the least risk to your business.

Absence Management

If you have an employee with a high number of sickness absences or an employee on long term sick leave, we can help you to manage that situation to either achieve a reduction in sickness absences or return to work, or to terminate the employee's employment on the grounds of ill health/ capability in a fair and lawful way, with the least risk to your business.

Redundancy or Restructure

If you are contemplating short time working, temporary lay-offs or redundancy or you are planning a restructure of your department we can provide you with the toolkit you need to deal with the selection and consultation process in a fair and lawful way, with the least risk to your business.

Buying, Selling and Outsourcing

If you wish to buy or sell all or part of a business, or you wish to outsource work to another organisation or bring work in-house that has previously been outsourced, then we can advise you on the impact of TUPE (the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006) and provide you with the toolkit you need to meet your obligations to inform and consult with staff. If you are considering a transaction, our Corporate and Commercial team can help you.


We prepare regular email bulletins on changes in employment law legislation and the outcomes of key cases and we deliver regular seminars including employment law updates and hot topics for employers. These services are free of charge. To subscribe to the email bulletins and request an invitation to our seminars please contact Hannah Strawbridge.

Employment Law Solutions

We have a number of fantastic fixed price packages for employers to give you the advice and support you need in relation to your employee issues. Whether you just want the option of occasional telephone support or you need someone to come along to your employee meetings and give you legal representation in the event of an Employment Tribunal claim, we can offer a package that will suit you. For more information on the packages available please contact Hannah Strawbridge on 01484 821300 or at hannahstrawbridge@eatonsmith.co.uk

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Information regarding our fees for bringing and defending Employment Tribunal claims for unfair or wrongful dismissal can be found here.  

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"Thank you for your guidance and advice today; it was more than I could have hoped for, or expected. This was a new experience for me and you made it stress free and painless, and managed to secure an improved outcome thanks to your legal-eagle eye."

A Client

“Thank you for all your assistance and guidance over the past year on this unpleasant issue.”

A Client

“I thank you for all your help. I will certainly recommend you to friends and relatives, should they ever be in need of legal assistance relating to their employment.”

A Client

Thank you so much for your time and help with this. I am beginning to feel confident we know what we are doing with GDPR now!

Outstanding! Hannah was exceptional!

Mr Hargreaves

Recently, Juice Personnel had to work with an Employment Law specialist and our relationship with Hannah from Eaton Smith began there.

Within 2 days of our original phone call explaining the situation, we had met with Hannah, discussed our concerns and kick started our action plan, all with a full explanation of what was happening and what the likely outcome would be.

The costings were explained and at all times, it was apparent that Hannah was trying to keep these to a minimum for us, always giving us different options and ensuring that the process was at all times cost effective as well as being the most effective solution to our problem.

The outcome was considerably better than expected and we had closure in just over a week from our original phone call.

We were confident at all times throughout that Hannah was knowledgeable and a clear expert in her field and to this end, I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.

Due to the superb service we received from Hannah and Eaton Smith, we have also since began their retainer scheme where we can pay a small fee each month and be confident that should we have any employment law concerns, Hannah will be on hand to help us.

Juice Personnel