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COVID 19 Advice in Relation to Property Transactions

Andrew Pedley

31 March 2020

In light of the current Corona pandemic the Law Society and HM Government have issued guidance in relation to all property related transactions.

The Law Society guidance must at times be read in conjunction with government advice and the advice provided by the Law Society should in no... Read More


Countdown to contract changes for employers

Lewis Holroyd

Employers are on countdown for new requirements on employment contracts. From April, the statutory requirements around statements of particulars are changing and being extended to include all workers, not just employees. It means that anyone starting work on or after 6th April 2020 will be entitled to a written... Read More


Eaton Smith - COVID-19 Business Update

Deborah Melluish

We are still very much open for business but just a little differently...

Following the Government’s announcement our office is closed and most of our team are now working remotely. We aim to provide the same high standard of services as usual.

During this time the best way to contact us will... Read More


Keep data in lockdown while tackling the virus crisis

Chris Taylor

Businesses processing personal data need to keep protection of customer and employee data at the front of continuity planning as they tackle the coronavirus threat.

Staff are likely to be working remotely or in different circumstances which could make customer information more vulnerable to data breaches, and... Read More


Coronavirus – protecting you and your family

Charlene Vilia

We all want to protect our loved ones during this uncertain time and the government have stepped up their response to the virus. Many people are now working from home, schools are closing, and we’ve been advised to avoid any unnecessary social contact.

What other steps can you put in place?

... Read More


Sunak splashes the cash in post-Brexit budget

Deborah Melluish

New chancellor promises to support individuals and business as country tackles coronavirus threat.

Business rate cuts, cash grants for small enterprises and support for both employees and employers on sick pay were among the emergency announcements designed to tackle the impact of the coronavirus in... Read More


The Coronavirus and employees

Lewis Holroyd

With more than 300 cases of Coronavirus confirmed in the UK, it’s a good time for companies to consider contingency plans and ways to protect their employees and for ways to protect the business itself.

Some workplaces will be more at risk of infecting spreading than others but there are a few things that... Read More


The day cryptocurrency came of age

Chris Taylor

The continued growth in cryptocurrencies has seen both legitimate investors and fraudsters attracted to the blockchain technology, but a court ruling that Bitcoin constitutes property under English law is likely to have far-reaching implications for all users. 

The effect of the ruling in... Read More


Mum and Dad need to get with it

Ben Cooper

Parents who help their children get on the property ladder are being urged to adopt a more professional approach when it comes to handing over the cash. 

Faced with high rental costs and soaring property prices, more parents are dipping into savings or releasing capital from their own property to... Read More


A new type of royalty lined up by royal couple

Chris Taylor

Prince Harry and Meghan are stepping back from royal duties, but it may be royalties that see them through in their new life.  

Before announcing their desire to spend time out of the spotlight, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex applied to register the brand Sussex Royal as a global trademark. 

The... Read More


Are you ready? Employment law 2020

Irina Polyakova

Employers should bear in mind the below detailed changes which are anticipated to come into force in 2020 and the ways to prepare for them.

Changes to the reference period for determining an average week's pay for holiday pay purposes

From 6 April 2020, to even out the variation in pay for workers,... Read More


Talking and teamwork to tackle Christmas break-up

Zahra Nawaz

Divorce rates have fallen to their lowest level since the 1970s but breakdowns continue to spike after the festive season, and professionals are encouraging couples with rocky relationships to focus on talking to each other in the run up to Christmas. 

Many attribute the stress and financial burden of trying... Read More