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WARNING: Substantial increases to the cost of probate registry fees

Charlene Vilia

At Eaton Smith Solicitors we’re warning clients to be aware of potential cost changes in death certificates and probate fees, which are set to come in to force.

Probate fees are set to change in April and will work on a sliding scale rather than the current fixed cost. Currently, the charge is a flat rate... Read More


Conveyancing: Shared ownership property purchase

Ruth Walker

First-time buyers who bought a shared ownership property in the last twelve months should check if they are due a refund on any stamp duty paid.  

That’s because when Chancellor Hammond extended the stamp duty relief available to first-time buyers of shared ownership property in his Autumn 2018 budget,... Read More


Soaring fees set deadline for executors and estate planning

Ben Cooper

Controversial court fees which have been branded a stealth tax on bereaved families are expected to prompt a surge in probate applications before the hike hits.  The new banded fee structure will see the cost of probate soar by thousands of pounds for higher value estates.  

The current... Read More


Chancellor’s anti-austerity spending spree has few surprises

Ben Cooper

Ben Cooper, tax law expert and Partner at Eaton Smith discusses the highlights of yesterday's budget. 

An anti-austerity package of £30 billion of government spending was announced in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, drawing on improved public finance projections to support a range of new... Read More


What happens when a parent wants to move away and take the children with them?

These days more and more people are spending time abroad, whether they are overseas on business, trying to build a new life in a different country or just taking a long trip.

There are plenty of reasons a parent might want to take their child abroad for an extended period, or even indefinitely. However, if... Read More


When the end of summer spells the end of marriage

September is traditionally a time of new beginnings, with children off to school or university and parents back to work, but for many couples, the end of summer can spell the end of marriage.

Lawyers often talk about ‘divorce day’ in January and report a similar surge when summer holidays are over, and... Read More


Landlords must check they hit the spot with deposits

Jane Gregory

Claims for incorrectly handled property rental deposits are soaring and landlords should be alert to the danger and ensure they or their agents are complying with the legal requirements, if they want to avoid high penalties.  

According to figures from insurers, the number of claims relating to deposits... Read More


Divorce and the school holidays

The long summer school holidays mean a new routine and possible challenges and conflicts for divorced parents who find themselves clashing with their ex even if their term-time arrangements run smoothly.

In this article Richard Buckley, Senior Solicitor from Eaton Smith's family team provides some advice on... Read More


Football crazy, football mad – how to manage your workforce ahead of Russia 2018

Hannah Strawbridge

Britain is undoubtedly a nation of football lovers and with England making their best start to the World Cup since 2006 it is generating excitement and anticipation among fans throughout the country.

With the group stages almost at an end, businesses need to think ahead to ensure that the World Cup does not... Read More


DIY Probate: could cost you more than you think

Lucy Cortis

Lucy Cortis, Solicitor in our Private Client team, discusses the pitfalls of Executors trying to administer an estate.

As most practitioners in the private client field are already aware, the practice by which applications for a Grant of Probate can now be made online has led to an increase in the number of... Read More


The hidden disability : when mental health affects employee wellbeing

Hannah Strawbridge

The taboo of talking about mental health has started to shift, following several high-profile campaigns, but many employers are keeping quiet and avoiding conversations with staff, even though they have legal responsibilities and it’s been shown to improve the bottom line. 

According to the... Read More


Is your Will up to date?

Ben Cooper

You are already in a better position than most - you have a Will. However, your Will needs regular updates to ensure that it adapts to your life and circumstances as they change over time.

So ask yourself; have there been changes to my relationships or family that are not reflected in my Will? Have there been... Read More