Dispute Resolution

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We have the skills and experience to help individuals deal with all types of civil litigation and family disputes. We offer a friendly and professional approach, understanding that going to Court is very much a last resort. We will always endeavour to resolve disputes through negotiation and discussion.

Also, there are various alternatives to Court proceedings which do not involve the Courts and which may be appropriate to most types of dispute. These include mediation, arbitration and adjudication. These may save time and money and should always be considered. Our dispute resolution team have extensive experience of representing both commercial and private clients in all types of alternative dispute resolution and of ensuring that clients are able to properly consider the appropriateness of each available option.

Of course, it is regularly the case that Court action is required, in which case our team is able to provide the best advice relating to the law and procedures and is always mindful of the cost consequences.

Should you have a dispute that you wish to discuss with us, we can provide advice on the following areas:-

  • Contractual disputes for services and goods
  • Product claims
  • Land and property dispute
  • Professional negligence
  • Building disputes
  • Landlord & tenant issues
  • Disputes concerning wills and estates

If you would like to contact our Dispute Resolution team click here or call 01484 821300.

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