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Dortech Maintenance Awarded Business of the Month Award

Alison Palmer

Dortech Maintenance is the latest winner of Eaton Smith’s Business of the Month Award. The Huddersfield-based company is part of the Dortech Group, specialising in commercial glazing with an architectural, maintenance and direct division. As part of a group with over 25 years’ architectural glazing experience,... Read More


Happy snapping? Taking pictures without the owner’s consent

Chris Taylor

We’ve turned into a nation of photographers. Not only do we constantly have access to a camera these days, thanks to smartphones that come complete with highly advanced camera technology built in, but we love snapping away too. Whether it’s a still photograph of a sunset or a video of a pub fight, we’re... Read More


Change in divorce law looks set to stop the blame game

Zahra Nawaz

No-fault divorce is likely to be introduced, but professionals say fair deal on asset sharing means mediation must remain top of the agenda.

The news that no-fault divorce is likely to become law has been welcomed, but while the legislation waits for its place in the parliamentary calendar, families must... Read More


Spring Clean Your Employment Law

Hannah Strawbridge

 Eaton Smith is launching its first event in Halifax!

We're delighted to invite you to our Spring Clean Your Employment Law event. 

When:  Thursday 2nd May 2019
 At:  4pm
 Where:  Croft Myl, W Parade, Halifax, HX1 2EQ 
Hannah Strawbridge, Head of Employment, welcomes... Read More


CAP Code GDPR Changes

Chris Taylor

I wrote a piece in September 2018 in which I set out that CAP (the Committee of Advertising Practice) had been considering the position of Rule 8.28.5 of the CAP Code (the UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotions and Direct Marketing).

Rule... Read More


Drone wars – what’s the latest legislation on the use of drones?

Lewis Holroyd

In December, Gatwick Airport, the UK’s second major air hub, was brought to a complete standstill for several days. There was no bomb threat or unpronounceable Icelandic volcano eruption. This time, thousands of travellers and some of the world’s biggest airlines were stopped in their tracks… by a rather small... Read More


When does a hug become unacceptable behaviour?

Hannah Strawbridge

Physical contact in the workplace is a very high-profile topic among bosses, workers, and HR departments at the moment. On the back of two very public controversies, where men in positions of power got a little bit too ‘touchy-feely’ with their staff, the current default position is one that appears to say that... Read More


April rains for employers with raft of new legislation

Hannah Strawbridge

Gender pay gaps, itemised payslips and what to do about working rights for EU citizens – these are some of the issues looming large for employers over the coming weeks, with April ushering in many significant dates for new and amended employment legislation. 

“It’s hard work keeping up to speed with... Read More


Eaton Smith Family Business Forum

Eleanor Cummings

The Eaton Smith Family Business Forum is back and this time we're looking at the legal aspects of owning a family business. 

Date: 10th April 2019

Time: 5pm for 5.30pm start

Location: 14, High Street, Huddersfield, HD1 2HA

We'll be considering:


WARNING: Substantial increases to the cost of probate registry fees

Charlene Vilia

At Eaton Smith Solicitors we’re warning clients to be aware of potential cost changes in death certificates and probate fees, which are set to come in to force.

Probate fees are set to change in April and will work on a sliding scale rather than the current fixed cost. Currently, the charge is a flat rate... Read More


#ad #gifted – a clampdown on social media influencers

Chris Taylor

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has always said that advertising must be clearly labelled and that full disclosure is necessary where a brand has provided payment (be it financial or a gift) and has a degree of control over the influencer’s content.

However, in a haze of photo shoots, free press... Read More


Family Business Forum - How and why family businesses increase sales through better brands

Eleanor Cummings

Join us on 13th February at 5.30pm for our Family Business Forum

How and why family businesses increase sales through better brands.

The Engine Room will lead discussions on:

 - the importance of values and purpose in a family business

- the importance... Read More