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Eaton Smith Family Business Forum

Eleanor Cummings

The Eaton Smith Family Business Forum is back and this time we're looking at the legal aspects of owning a family business. 

Date: 10th April 2019

Time: 5pm for 5.30pm start

Location: 14, High Street, Huddersfield, HD1 2HA

We'll be considering:


WARNING: Substantial increases to the cost of probate registry fees

Charlene Vilia

At Eaton Smith Solicitors we’re warning clients to be aware of potential cost changes in death certificates and probate fees, which are set to come in to force.

Probate fees are set to change in April and will work on a sliding scale rather than the current fixed cost. Currently, the charge is a flat rate... Read More


#ad #gifted – a clampdown on social media influencers

Chris Taylor

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has always said that advertising must be clearly labelled and that full disclosure is necessary where a brand has provided payment (be it financial or a gift) and has a degree of control over the influencer’s content.

However, in a haze of photo shoots, free press... Read More


Family Business Forum - How and why family businesses increase sales through better brands

Eleanor Cummings

Join us on 13th February at 5.30pm for our Family Business Forum

How and why family businesses increase sales through better brands.

The Engine Room will lead discussions on:

 - the importance of values and purpose in a family business

- the importance... Read More


FSH Group receive Eaton Smith's Business of the Month Award

Chris Taylor

Based in Castleford, FSH is a full-service construction company serving commercial and domestic customers across northern England. FSH work with major insurance companies repairing and re-building properties in the event of damage, as well as undertaking building and refurbishment projects with many City Councils,... Read More


2019: a quieter year for employers?

Hannah Strawbridge

2018 has been a busy year in employment law, from gender pay gap reporting to claims of workplace sexual harassment. Employers might be hoping for a quieter 2019 but there will be a number of issues dominating the headlines throughout the year, not to mention the uncertainty of Brexit.

So what should... Read More


Workplace reforms to protect the modern workforce

Hannah Strawbridge

Employment law proposals announced by the Government in response to the ‘Taylor Report’ have been hailed as the biggest shake-up for a generation in order to meet the changing demands in the workplace.

Under new rules employers will need to give workers details of their rights from the first day in a job,... Read More


Conveyancing: Shared ownership property purchase

Ruth Walker

First-time buyers who bought a shared ownership property in the last twelve months should check if they are due a refund on any stamp duty paid.  

That’s because when Chancellor Hammond extended the stamp duty relief available to first-time buyers of shared ownership property in his Autumn 2018 budget,... Read More


Soaring fees set deadline for executors and estate planning

Ben Cooper

Controversial court fees which have been branded a stealth tax on bereaved families are expected to prompt a surge in probate applications before the hike hits.  The new banded fee structure will see the cost of probate soar by thousands of pounds for higher value estates.  

The current... Read More


Olympus Technologies Ltd Awarded Business of the Month

Deborah Melluish

Olympus Technologies Ltd is the latest winner of Eaton Smith’s Business of the Month Award. The Huddersfield-based company specialises in Industrial and Collaborative Robotics, Automation and Welding Technologies. Olympus Technologies believe in providing bespoke high-quality technical solutions for their... Read More


Budget 2018: Contractors – Tax consequences and employment status

Lewis Holroyd

Chancellor Philip Hammond welcomely said that “austerity is coming to an end” in the October 2018 budget however self-employed persons may not welcome the proposed tax changes under the IR35 rules.

The IR35 rules are designed to target those who are disguising themselves as self-employed when they are... Read More


Cosmetic Products & the Possible Impacts of Brexit

Anna Hay

Anyone who has a business selling and/or making “cosmetic products” (as defined) must be aware of, and comply with, the EU Cosmetic Regulations (EC) (No 1223/2009) (“Regulations”), which came into force in the UK in July 2013.

The Regulations govern matters such as the labelling and safety... Read More