Is your Will up to date?



Is your Will up to date?

You are already in a better position than most - you have a Will. However, your Will needs regular updates to ensure that it adapts to your life and circumstances as they change over time.

So ask yourself; have there been changes to my relationships or family that are not reflected in my Will? Have there been changes to the value of my assets? Does my Will reflect changes to tax laws? Finally, do I also need to have an LPA?

What is an LPA?

If through illness, disability (mental or physical) or an accident you are unable to manage your own affairs (paying bills, accessing your bank accounts and all other day to day aspects of your finances that you currently take for granted) then you will need someone appointed to do this on your behalf.

A Lasting Power of Attorney for Property and Affairs is a document which we can prepare for you while you are well and of sound mind, which will ensure that your financial interests will be taken care of by those who you trust should you become incapable of dealing with matters yourself.

Our team of expert solicitors in our Private Client team will make sure you have the documentation in place so that your estate is distributed according to your wishes. Contact us on 01484 821 300.