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Covid 19 and Domestic Abuse

As we brace ourselves for potentially several weeks of lockdown, it is important to remember the significant risk victims of domestic abuse are placed in at being directed to stay indoors and self-isolate with their abusive partners. One leading charity has, only this week, reported a 25% increase in domestic abuse related calls. 

It has been reported in the national press that domestic abuse victims may struggle to get the protection they need with the courts remaining closed to the public.

The family courts have however, confirmed that the court will always be available to assist domestic abuse victims should they need urgent help and processes are already in place to cater for this to ensure anyone that needs protection from harm can get the urgent help they need.

At Eaton Smith Solicitors, we pride ourselves in offering free initial advice to domestic abuse victims. Our solicitors specialise in domestic abuse along with a wide variety of other family matters and understand that when you need urgent help, you are their priority. Whilst may of our solicitors are working from home they are equipped have mobile number phones so that they are contactable and you can contact them on the office number. If it is not safe to call and speak with someone if you text us we will be able to ensure one of our team can arrange to speak with you at a safer time.

We are set up to continue to offer advice and support in obtaining Domestic Abuse Injunctions and we can also represent you in obtaining orders to exclude your abusive partner from the family home.

Legal aid is available, and we will assess you to confirm if you qualify.

Our solicitors at Eaton Smith can also provide support and assistance with accessing wider help in the community. We have links to various charities and support networks who can provide you with help and support in areas such as refuge centres, housing and support workers.

Should you require urgent help and support please contact us on 01484 821300 and simply ask to speak to a member of our family team.