Debt Recovery


Basis for charging for undisputed debt claims

Description of Work Charge (£)

Disbursements (£)

(payments & others)

7 day letter before action in relation to business debts i.e. claims

Against Limited Companies, Partnerships and LLP’s


Letter before Action to an individual or sole trader under the Debt Pre-Action Protocol


Issue of proceedings up to and including Judgment – our charges correspond with the fixed costs and interest recoverable from the Defendant – typical example – recovery of a debt for £1,000

205.00 Court fee 70.00

Issue of execution by way of the County Court Bailiff or High Court Enforcement Officer – our charges correspond with the recoverable fixed costs and interest – typical example – claim for an invoice in the sum of £1,000

75.00 High Court Fee 66.00 County Court Fee (Judgments less than £600) 77.00
Charging Order Application (to secure the Judgment Debt against property/other assets) 350.00 Court/Land Registry 153.00
Attachment of Earnings Application 250.00 Court fee 110.00
Third Party Debt Order Application 350.00

Court fee 110.00

Local agent fee 85.00

Order to obtain information from a debtor 250.00

Court fee 55.00

Fee for bailiff service 110.00

Winding up proceedings – service of a Statutory Demand 350.00 Process servers fee 150.00
Bankruptcy proceedings - service of a Statutory Demand 350.00 Process servers fee 150.00
Bankruptcy proceedings 1500.00 Court fees and disbursements 1500.00

In the event of any additional work over and above the routine work required for an undisputed debt then our charges will vary according to the fee earner from £50.00 to £225 per hour plus VAT. 

If a defence is filed then the file becomes a litigation file and will be transferred from our Debt Collection system and you will be provided with a revised cost estimate at that time.

VAT will be added to these charges at the applicable rate.

How long will my matter take?

It is not always possible to clearly identify a timescale as all matters are unique. Typically though a matter can take 6-7 weeks following issue, entry of judgement and instruction to the Enforcement Officer.

Who will be doing my work?

Our Litigation team have many years’ experience dealing with debt collection. One of the following team members will be working on your matter:

Phillip Clarke - Solicitor and Head of Department £250 per hour
Jane Gregory - Litigation Manager £180 per hour
Adeeba Bashir - Paralegal £135 per hour

Any work that is outside the scope of the fixed debt recovery charges but is not contentious is charged at £50 per hour