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Avoiding a turkey of a Christmas when the family gets together

Karen Roberts

With the pandemic putting relationships under pressure and divorce rates recording their biggest percentage rise since 1972, family professionals and support groups are encouraging couples to focus on the wellbeing of the family over the festive season.

Traditionally, more people petition for divorce in... Read More


Can I make a claim for a road traffic accident in bad weather?

Adele Whitfield

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident, we understand how much of an impact this may have had on your life. The winter months with ice, snow and heavy rain can make driving a hazardous activity, leading to road traffic accidents and personal injury claims. Poor weather conditions can add an element of... Read More


New year, new you? Why it might be a good time to write a will

Rachael Wilkinson

There is no denying that 2020 is a year which will go down in history - for many reasons. The global pandemic, Brexit, and the fallout from these events has had a significant impact on many areas of our lives. These events may have far-reaching implications for your finances, your relationships and your business... Read More



Chris Taylor

Eaton Smith is delighted to announce that its video games team have been awarded Best Legal Services Supplier in the TIGA Games Industry Awards 2020.

Eaton Smith has been providing legal services to the games industry for many years. The team, led by Chris Taylor for commercial aspects and Alison Palmer for... Read More


Why Big Brother needs to watch out when it comes to employee monitoring

Irina Polyakova

The ‘Big Brother’ surveillance scenario envisaged by George Orwell has long since become reality. The ability to watch citizens outlined in the futuristic novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, published in 1949, is now firmly fact not fiction.

Rolling back to 2013, the British Security Industry Association... Read More


Stress-testing before celebrating a virtual office Christmas 

Lewis Holroyd

Christmas traditionally brings a round of festive celebrations for customers and employees, but with current Covid-19 restrictions, companies are having to re-think drinks and dinners for customers and learn how to stage a virtual staff party.

Plans that venture into new territory will demand a doubling down... Read More


Christmas, coronavirus and separation: what are the rules around taking children away from home?

Zahra Nawaz

For many parents, the issue of spending time with children at Christmas can be tense. Both parents want to spend Christmas day with their loved ones and their children, but this becomes complicated when they do not live in the same town or city or if they have to travel to visit relatives. In addition, coronavirus... Read More


When bullying goes on behind the screen

Irina Polyakova

In the run-up to this year’s Anti-Bullying Week, which runs from 16th- 20th November 2020, employers are being encouraged to look at how new styles of working may be affecting employees.

Employers are being encouraged to focus on how they manage and respond to bullying and harassment issues, including... Read More


Can I get out of a commercial lease early?

James  Burgess

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on almost every business in the UK. For many businesses, it means that they may no longer require their business premises, or in some cases are simply no longer able to justify or afford the rental commitment. There are many other reasons, not directly related to COVID-19, that... Read More


Protected characteristics – a timely reminder

Irina Polyakova

Have some employers lost sight of what is right as their businesses struggle to survive? Could there be some kind of “coronamadness” amongst the business community?

Over the last few weeks, we have seen an increasing number of cases where employers have broken laws set out in The Equality Act 2010. These... Read More


Job Support Scheme (JSS) explained

Irina Polyakova

The JSS will apply from when the furlough scheme ends until 30 April 2021 (as at 02.11.20). The JSS provides two separate levels of support: first, to employers facing lower demand over the winter months due to the COVID-19 pandemic (JSS Open) and second, to those employers that are legally required to close their... Read More


Retail tenants should check the small print

James  Burgess

As a fresh wave of lockdown measures are announced across the UK, retail tenants may be experiencing new concerns about how to pay the rent. However, another ticking timebomb may be the viability of their landlords.

Even before the pandemic, the high street was undergoing radical change and the continuing... Read More