Family Mediation

Reaching an agreement with minimum conflict.

When two people are facing separation or divorce, it is vital that arrangements for the future are both fair and workable. In all cases, in particular where children and financial matters are involved, it is important that agreement can be reached with the minimum of conflict or distress.

Eaton Smith Mediation Services boasts two experienced mediators who are also approved by the Legal Aid Agency to conduct publicly-funded mediation.

The aim of mediation is not to prevent couples from separating but to guide them both impartially to make decisions and arrangements for the future which they both feel are fair and reasonable. This helps couples reach joint decisions instead of relying on the court to decide their future for them. Although the mediator cannot give legal advice, she can give legal information enabling the couple to reach informed decisions and once the couple have reached proposals which they both find acceptable, their lawyers will convert this into a legally-binding agreement.

Negotiating your own agreement can be the cheapest and easiest way to a settlement and works particularly well for couples who remain on good terms and communicate with each other well. The majority of couples who participate in mediation are able to reach some agreement and find that their separation has been much less stressful.

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Richard Buckley
Richard Buckley
Senior Solicitor